Man Gets 18 Months For Helping People Avoid Chicago Impound Fines – NBC Chicago

NBC ChicagoMan Gets 18 Months For Helping People Avoid Chicago Impound FinesNBC ChicagoKnown as “Little D,” Rankins understood that filing false Chapter 7 bankruptcy petitions would put a stop to collections, prosecutors said. And he knew he could use that knowledge to make a buck, at least until he was snagged by an undercover fed.and more »

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Analysis: Rauner's offense a strong defense – Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago Sun-TimesAnalysis: Rauner's offense a strong defenseChicago Sun-TimesIn two separate lawsuits that have been joined together, lawyers representing individual participants in the city Municipal Employees and Laborers pension funds are relying heavily on that ruling that upheld the impregnability of the Illinois …and more »

The Shut Out – The Journal

The JournalThe Shut OutThe JournalUntil a few months ago, one of the first words to hit your eyes when you typed Shlomo Rechnitz's name into a search engine would have been "philanthropist." The Los Angeles-based multi-millionaire is … In August 2014, the California Attorney General ……