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Madison.comBeat Rob Thomas' Oscar picks and win free movies at Sundance for the rest of …Madison.comWhat are the prizes? The person who beats me the worst (or, if nobody beats me, the highest scorer overall) will win a 2015 yearlong pass to Sundance Cinemas. The pass will allow you and a friend to see as many movies as you want there (with the …

Hunt for Fernandina Beach shrimp could win you a prize (Florida Times-Union)

They go by names like Frances, Ariel, Atlantis and Attie, and getting to know them means you might win a prize. But locating each of the 13 shrimp statues that line the streets of Fernandina Beach and Amelia Island, means you'll get to know a lot more then just their names.
Although tourists abound in this small area of Nassau County, which is home to just over 12,000 people, preserving a sense of community is still a top priority. So when the county's only non-profit group dedicated to helping those in domestic violence situations needed support, people from all over the island offered to help.
"We received over 40 sketches, and it was very hard to narrow them down." said Kelly Monti, Project Coordinator for Shrimp Expressions. "I love my artists. They put in the time and effort to make this project possible."
The project is an effort to raise awareness for the services provided by Micah's Place, a shelter that offers legal advocacy and outreach services for anyone, male or female, that is a victim of domestic violence. Artists from around the area donated their talents to decorate each of the sixty-pound, …

Lockerz: Tips on Winning Prizes

Two-a-Day Giveaway: Win Dragonica Online Game Cards EVERY DAY! {expired}

10-ton hammers, giant axes, spells, dragons, and combo attacks – intrigued? Our friends at Dragonica Online approached me the other day about putting together a "little" sweepstakes. So I wondered, what's the one thing people love more than a chance to win free stuff?  Oh, I pondered and I wondered and looked to the sky for inspiration… And suddenly the heavens opened up and a bright shining ……