Wide support for keeping North Hero courthouse – BurlingtonFreePress.com

BurlingtonFreePress.comWide support for keeping North Hero courthouseBurlingtonFreePress.comLitigants would be forced to drive to Burlington or St. Albans to have criminal, civil, family, probate and small claims cases heard. “Justice delayed is justice denied,” North Hero Selectman Ben Joseph, a retired Vermont Superior Court judge said to …and more »

Albuquerque Police's Grim Record of Shooting Citizens (Reason Magazine – Hit and Run)

Rolling Stone_ reports on the huge costs, in citizen lives and taxpayer dollars, of out-of-control cops.

Mr. Hutchinson, veto that bill!

Twitter and other social media are busy this snow day with people urging Gov. Asa Hutchinson to veto SB 202, which strips local government of the power to pass civil rights ordinances. The bill is intended to preserve legal discrimination against LGBT people. Hutchinson said Friday that, while he was bothered by the bill's removal of local control, he would not veto the legislation. It will …