Life Briefs: Speakers at diabetes class on Tuesday – Appeal-Democrat

Life Briefs: Speakers at diabetes class on TuesdayAppeal-DemocratRepresentatives from Newstart are the featured speakers at a diabetes class hosted by Yuba Sutter Diabetes Support and Resource Center. Newstart works to reverse the type 2 diabetes process through basic lifestyle changes.

Left Shark Bites Back: 3D Printer Sculptor Hires Lawyer To Respond To Katy Perry's Bogus Takedown (Techdirt)

Did you think Katy Perry's lawyers sending a questionable cease & desist letter over 3d printable plans for "the left shark" backup dancer in Katy Perry's Superbowl Halftime routine would be the end of that story? It turns out that the guy who originally created the 3d printed figurine, Fernando Sosa, has now gone out and retained law professor/lawyer Chris Sprigman (the same Chris Sprigman we quoted in our original article detailing why a costume is a "useful article" and thus not copyrightable) to send a response to Perry's lawyers explaining copyright 101 to them.
> _ Mr. Sosa is not especially eager to be fighting over copyright, but the legal merits of your claim seem very weak. (We also wonder what Katy Perry could possibly stand to gain from declaring war on an Internet meme, but that's her business.) Mr. Sosa has a few questions that he wants answered before he will remove Left Shark from the other online stores in which it is available.

First, can you tell me why you believe the costume of a shark that you claim Katy Perry owns is copyrightable? As you likely know, federal courts and the United …

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Health Care Law Survives, With Roberts' Help

Tech-savvy 'barefoot law' opens doors of Ugandan justice

With the photographs then printed in tabloid newspapers following repeated threats, the devastated and humiliated victim turned to lawyer Gerald Abila, whose innovative and tech-savvy legal aid project, Barefoot Law, has helped hundreds of thousands with advice. Barefoot Law was born two years ago when Abila, now 32, began offering legal advice via social media and Skype on his smartphone in the …