Legal Aid Strike Offers Window Into NY Public Interest Compensation – Above the Law

Above the LawLegal Aid Strike Offers Window Into NY Public Interest CompensationAbove the LawFirst, salary: MFY has made available on its website its salary offer to union attorneys. Under MFY's offer, a first year attorney's salary would increase by year three anywhere from $7,772 to $13.765, or 12.78% to 22.64%. Assuming I've done the math …

Michael Moore and Fahrenheit (Filmsy)

After finishing Fahrenheit 9/11 in 20004, Michael Moore still had no US distributor. He sought out Harry Weinstein at Miramax, which is owned by Disney. Weinstein agreed to back the movie, but he needed the approval of his… Read More.

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Ace Attorney Online: Edgeworth is down! Cut Gumshoe's Salary!

Des Moines lawyer named workers' compensation commissioner

A Des Moines lawyer has been appointed to head a division of state government that oversees worker's compensation disputes in Iowa.