Pao vs. Perkins: Gender Discrimination Lawsuit Has Women in Tech Talking … – Newsweek

NewsweekPao vs. Perkins: Gender Discrimination Lawsuit Has Women in Tech Talking …Newsweek… And other opportunities at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers resonates with many women, and most at this event agree that assertive behavior is rewarded in men and punished in women in the insular VC world, Pao got special treatment—an office next …and more »

DocMoto for Mac review: Network-based document management tool tracks it all (Macworld)

Doctor, office manager, lawyer, project manager, engineer, real estate mogul, PR shop. If you're in business—any business—the bigger you get, the more likely it is that tracking and managing documents is one of the biggest challenges you face. Enter CHL Software's DocMoto, a server-based application designed to manage every document your organization touches, from email messages to Office documents. It tracks changes, controls access, maintains revision histories, locks documents for editing, and guarantees that everything you do is centralized, organized, and easy to access.
DocMoto is a client-server application that you purchase either as a cloud- based, hosted service or that you can install and host on your own servers. The cloud-based version is hosted by CHL Software and is backed up on their servers. (Side note: For the purposes of this review I only tested the cloud- based version, but, other than configuring, managing, and backing up your own servers, there is no practical difference in how the versions work.)
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FROM THE ASSEMBLY: State’s 90-day email deletion policy raises questions

The Governor’s office announced in 2013 that it would use Microsoft Office365 — an email and software management system to consolidate 27 agency email systems, improve access to applications, share calendars in a cloud-based system and save taxpayer dollars. Many aspects about the recently implemented system make sense and will hopefully improve inter-agency communication.…