Labor board dismisses Columbia grad union petition – Capital New York

Labor board dismisses Columbia grad union petitionCapital New YorkThe National Labor Relations Board's regional director has dismissed a petition for union recognition by Columbia University graduate students. "I am administratively dismissing this petition on the basis that it seeks an election among graduate …and more »

Hearing examiner: PLRB has no jurisdiction in Convention Center unions' complaint (The Philadelphia Inquirer)

Union carpenters and Teamsters angling to regain their jobs at the Convention Center had their hopes thwarted Monday when a hearing examiner for the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board said the board did not have jurisdiction to handle a complaint filed by the two unions.

The History of Slavery In America (part 1 of 3)

Pay to play? Amateur hockey teams want labor law exemption

A complaint filed with the state argues that Washington's amateur hockey league players are "employees" and should be paid to play.…