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More labor agreements approved by Cass BoardWalker Pilot IndependentA two-year agreement with Teamsters Local 320, Deputy/Jail Unit, was approved Feb. 3 by Cass County commissioners. As with agreements approved earlier by other bargaining units, the contract includes a 2.5 percent hike (from the 2014 level) in 2015 …and more »

National Review Ignores What Lynch Said About Immigration To Call For Her Rejection (Mediamatters)

N_ational Review__'s editorial board is arguing that Senate Republicans should "resist" Loretta Lynch's nomination to become the next U.S. Attorney general because the board refuses to believe that "amnesty" is not forthcoming, and it falsely claims Lynch thinks there is a constitutional right for undocumented immigrants to work.
On January 28, Lynch appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee, where questions from Republican members focused primarily on whether Lynch believes that President Obama's immigration action was legal. Legal experts agree that the action — which temporarily defers deportations for some undocumented immigrants who meet a series of qualifications and pass a criminal background check — is a lawful exercise of the president's authority to use prosecutorial discretion to prioritize some deportations over others.
Nevertheless, right-wing media are playing up questions from Republican senators who believe that the immigration order is unconstitutional and attacking Lynch for her responses, even if they don't understand what she said. _National Review_ took it further in a January 29 editorial, claiming that confirming Lynch would be "an abnegation of [Senate Republicans'] November mandate and, even more important, their constitutional duty."
The editorial also claimed that Lynch had "evaded questions" from Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) about …

Attorney fills empty school board seat

County Schools Superintendent selects Clifton resident Michael J. Evans to fill seat.…