£8 million immigration detention centre with 80 staff branded a total waste of … – Crawley News

Crawley News£8 million immigration detention centre with 80 staff branded a total waste of …Crawley NewsThe idea was to create a detention centre for families, after the Liberal Democrats had pledged to bring an end to the detention of children in traditional immigration centres, which are seen by some as being more like prisons. However, the insider …

Over 230 legal experts, public officials call Obama's immigration actions 'lawful' (Daily Kos)

As Republicans persist with their threat to let funding lapse for the Department of Homeland Security due to what they call President Obama’s “executive overreach” on immigration, more than 230 legal scholars, law enforcement authorities and elected officials say the president’s actions are both legally sound and historically consistent.
In a letter titled, "The President’s Commonsense Executive Actions on Immigration Are Lawful," the group directly refutes the notion that Obama exceeded his executive authority.
> For the last half century, presidents of both parties have used their authority to set priorities in enforcing our immigration laws. That legal authority has been recognized by the Supreme Court, Congress, the Department of Justice, legal scholars, mayors, and top law enforcement officials from across the nation.
Signatories of the letter include legal heavyweights like former acting Solicitor General under President Clinton, Walter Dillinger, and Harvard's Laurence Tribe, along with major organizations like the U.S. Conference of Mayors and the Major Cities Chiefs Association.

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Decision on expansion of Campsfield House immigration removal centre in Kidlington deferred

COUNCILLORS agreed to defer the potential expansion of Campfield House after a last minute recommendation from planning officers.