Parents invest to give students nicer place to live – Scotsman

ScotsmanParents invest to give students nicer place to liveScotsmanMark Hordern, chairman of Solicitors Property Centres Scotland, said the recent improvement in the property market had encouraged more parents to consider buying a flat for their student children. “This was quite popular a few years ago,” he said. “But …

Event – Community Solar: Social Housing Associations Brighter Future (thegreenmarket)

This event will take place on Thursday February 19th, 2015 from 9am to 11am in Birmingham, UK. Community Energy for Local Authorities & Housing Associations Gen Community, British Gas and Social Finance have partnered to create… Community Solar – Social Housing Associations Brighter Future' This free event is an opportunity to engage in discussion and networking with colleagues from other Social Housing Associations.

Gen Community, British Gas and Social Finance have partnered to create an exciting turnkey solutions to deploy community energy solar projects for local authorities and housing associations. This pioneering scheme is offering local authorities and housing associations the opportunity to install solar PV systems on their corporate and domestic properties with community funding to maximise local social, financial and environmental benefits.

This event also provides the opportunity to hear about a range of other options offered by British Gas – Energy Services ie energy efficiency, smart meters , micro grid, plug-in hybrid vehicle points, CHP systems and other clean energy technologies .
****Program Schedule**

0900 Registration Tea/Coffee and Networking
09.15 John Turner – Anthony Collins Solicitors LLP – Welcome
09.30 Martin Orrill – British Gas plc – Low Carbon Innovations
10.00 Graham Phillips – British Gas plc …

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Lucy Tobin: The rich will dodge mansion tax while the rest can’t afford to buy

A posh builder in my neck of the north London woods says he’s never been so busy. Basements? No, so last year. Lofts? He doesn’t think there are any in his patch of multi-million-pound homes that haven’t yet been converted. Today’s quotes are all focused on splits. House splits, that is — aka, mansion tax dodges.