Convicted Corporations Aren't Really Bad Boys – New York Law Journal (registration)

New York Law Journal (registration)Convicted Corporations Aren't Really Bad BoysNew York Law Journal (registration)American courts first established the rule imputing criminal liability to a corporation in 1909, relying on the tort law doctrine of respondeat superior to hold that corporations should be deemed to have the knowledge and purpose of the agents and …

What is the difference between Criminal and Civil law?

Bill to limit surveillance powers clears Senate hurdle – Washington Post

The New YorkerBill to limit surveillance powers clears Senate hurdleWashington PostIn the run-up to the expiration of the program and others early Monday, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) objected to efforts to quickly pass either the House bill or short-term extensions of current law, frustrating both the White House and his fellow Senate …NSA phone collection bill clears Senate hurdleThe Ledgerall 4,286 news articles »

We don't need fewer lawyers. We need cheaper ones. – Washington Post

We don't need fewer lawyers. We need cheaper ones.Washington PostIn well over two thirds of critical cases in America's civil courts, people appear without a lawyer, even though the stakes are often just as high as in criminal proceedings. Many people suffer crushing losses in court not because they've done ……