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The StatePurdon deserves praise for work as U.S. AttorneyBismarck TribunePurdon has an accomplished record, and has done much good as North Dakota's U.S. Attorney. In what is often a thankless job, his tenacity and work on important issues in the state and on the reservations, deserves to be recognized. Purdon's replacement …Federal prosecutor Randy Seiler to be acting US attorneyRapid City JournalSD's US attorney to resign, join firm with ND's prosecutorThe StateU.S. Attorney Brendan Johnson To Resign In MarchKELOLAND TVall 193 news articles »

Cops Arrest Public Defender For Attempting To Do Her Job (Techdirt)

Due process? In this "justice" system? It is to LOL.
> _A San Francisco deputy public defender was handcuffed and arrested at the Hall of Justice after she objected to city police officers questioning her client outside a courtroom…_
Here's the video:

The two responses gathered by SFGate show the divide between those who represent the accused and those who haul inconvenient people away so they can continue their "work" unimpeded.
> _…an incident that her office called outrageous and police officials defended as appropriate._
The public defender, Jami Tillotson, was charged with the one-size-fits-all- who-give-us-any-lip crime of "resisting arrest." This charge doesn't work the way people expect it would, much to their anger, dismay and surprise. One would _think_ that the police would need to be arresting you for a _different_ crime and, after encountering some resistance, add "resisting arrest" to the charges. But no, apparently "resisting arrest" simply means not doing what cops say to do, no matter the legality of the request.

Tillotson was representing her client in a misdemeanor theft case. The police wanted to chat with him about an unrelated case in which he was "a person of interest." Presumably the photo-taking was part …

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MANVILLE: Professionals are ousted in GOP move

The mayor’s attempt to appoint several borough professionals at Monday’s Borough Council meeting was contested by the Republicans on the council. As a result, the borough attorney, the redevelopment attorney, the borough utility engineer and the municipal prosecutor are all new faces.