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Huffington Post UKYou Can Now Legally Divorce Someone Over FacebookHuffington Post UKWith the last address registered back in 2011, Blood-Dzraku has reportedly said he is out of work, has no fixed address and has since refused to be any part of the divorce process. It's on these grounds that the judge decided to make an exception …Unhappy marriage? How about a Facebook divorce… 99 news articles »

Divorce UK: How do I get divorced in England or Wales?

Changes to the divorce process in England and Wales: Q&A – Family Law (registration)

Changes to the divorce process in England and Wales: Q&AFamily Law (registration)HM Courts & Tribunals Service has taken the decision to create 11 divorce centres within England and Wales, with the vast majority of uncontested decree nisi applications being considered by Legal Advisers (rather than district judges) at those centres.

UK's strange silence on EU's future –

Gulfnews.comUK's strange silence on EU's futuregulfnews.comSure, it would be in the EU's interests to negotiate a friendly divorce of the kind that appeals to British eurosceptics — one that maintains full British access to EU markets and vice versa, a deal like the one Canada has with the US — friendly …Britain's strange silence on EuropeThe Japan Timesall 87 news articles »…