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Legal aid attorney warns spoofing is more commonMuskogee Daily PhoenixAttorney Richard J. Goralewicz, who heads up the Senior Law Project of Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma, said scammers and telemarketers are able to download a “spoof app” which camouflages their true identity. Many collection agencies have used spoof …

Jury Wastes No Time In Finding Ross Ulbricht Guilty On All Counts (Techdirt)

If you've been following the Ross Ulbricht trial, this won't come as much of a surprise, but Ulbricht has been found guilty of all the charges related to creating, running and using the Silk Road dark marketplace:
1. Distribution/Aiding and Abetting the Distribution of Narcotics
2. Distribution/Aiding and Abetting the Distribution of Narcotics by Means of the Internet
3. Conspiracy to Distribute Narcotics
4. Continuing Criminal Enterprise
5. Conspiracy to Commit or Aid and Abet Computer Hacking
6. Conspiracy to Traffic in Fraudulent Identity Documents
7. Conspiracy to Commit Money Laundering
Sentencing will be May 15th, but it seems likely that he'll be locked up for a fairly long time. There is likely to be some sort of appeal, and some have made a valid argument that the court very much limited Ulbricht's possible defenses. Also, as with the Kevin Bollaert revenge porn conviction earlier this week, there are concerns to be raised about how this kind of ruling could be used to pin liability on other websites for activities done by users of those websites. It seems likely that some of Ulbricht's …

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Legal Aid Society Sues East End Justice Courts

A lawsuit filed by the Legal Aid Society of Suffolk County charges that many East End justice courts, including Sag Harbor’s, have violated the constitutional rights of indigent defendants by failing to provide them with private places to meet with their attorneys before arraignments.